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Activities in and around Swakopmund

There is a lot to see and do at the coast and our reception desk will gladly assist you in booking any of the following excursions and activities in and around Swakopmund.
With our expertise we will recommend only the best.

Dunes meet the ocean at Sandwichharbour

Sandwich Harbour 4x4 Tour

Visit one of Namibias most scenic spots along the coast. A place where the ocean meets the desert.

Spitzkoppe Mountain

Spitzkoppe Outing

Visit the bald granite peaks located between Usakos and Swakopmund in the Namib desert of Namibia. The highest peak is about 700 m above the floor. Get a closer look at the hidden Bushmen artwork, diverse flora and fauna. This is truly a Photographers paradise.

Swakopmund Museum Interior

The Swakopmund Museum

The Museum was founded in 1951 by dentist Dr. Alfons Weber. It is the largest privately run museum in Namibia. On display are various types of indigenous plants, animals, minerals, an archaeological exhibition, the transport system of old days and a variety of cultural historical objects. The exhibition “People of Namibia” focuses on the traditional heritage of the different ethnic groups of Namibia

Gecko eating a beetle

Little Five Tour

Visit the Namib Desert and learn more about the fauna & flora surviving in this hostile environment. A fascinating variety of little desert adapted animals live here, like the Sidewinder Snake, desert chameleons, dancing white lady spiders, geckos, lizards and numerous beetles. A trained guide will help you spot them and tell you everything you need to know.

Welwitschia Mirabillis Plant

Moonlandscape and Welwitschia

Visit the Moonlandscape and the indigenous Welwitschia Mirabilis plant. It only grows in the Namib Desert and survives under the harshest conditions. The Welwitschia's oldest living specimens are estimated at 1500 to 2000 years. They have only two leaves.

Hohenzollern Buidling Swakopmund

Swakopmund City Tour

Explore Swakopmund and its historical buildings from the colonial era. Experience modern day Swakomund with its luxury homes and townships. Learn more about this bustling little city.

Paraglider in the air


Experience the joy of flying while savouring the magnificent view of the the dunes from above.

Skydiver flying with Parachute opened


Get a birds eye view of Swakopmund

Scenic Flight over the Dunes

Scenic Flights

Experience Namibia’s beauty from a bird’s eye view and fly over the highest dunes in the world.

Woman sandboarding down a Dune


Surf and slide your way down some the world's biggest dunes standing or lying on a board.

Fisherman fishing from the Atlantic coast


Test your fishing skills and catch some fresh Kabeljou or Steenbras off the coast or from one of the many fishing boats.

Riding on the beach

Horseback riding

Experience the grandeur of the desert on horseback.

Bicycles in Desert at sunset

Fat Bike Tours

Explore Namibia’s beauty in one of the most ecological ways. Ride a bike up and down the dune slopes. All fitness levels welcome. A unforgettable and unique cycling experience!

Aquarium Interior view

National Marine Aquarium in Swakopmund

Learn more about Namibia’s Marine Life. Species that can be viewed include Steenbras, Cape cormorant, Octopus, Green Turtles, Pipefish, White Pelicans, African Penguins, Houndsharks, Rays and Seals.

Snake at the Snakepark

Snake Park Swakopmund

Learn more about Namibian reptiles at the Snake Park.

Kayaking on the ocean

Kayaking in Walvisbay

Kayaking is a great way to get close to Namibia's marine life.

Kitesurfer jumping in the air

Kitesurfing in Walvisbay

Walvisbay’s Lagoon is a great place to learn how to kitesurf, brush up on skills or enjoy the wind. Kite & Wind Surfing equipment is available for hire.

Sundowner Drink on a Dune

Sundowners on the dunes

Explore the dunes by foot and enjoy the most awe-inspiring colourful sundowners with a glass of champagne.

Dolphins emerging out of water

Dolphin Cruise

Experience the abundant marine life from a Catamaran, fresh Namibian oysters & Champagne included.

Go-kart on the track

Go-Kart racing

Visit the Go-Kart track just outside Swakopmund. A fun excusion for young and old.

Kristall Gallery Entrance

Crystal Gallery Swakopmund

View the world's largest quartz crystal cluster at the Crystal Gallery in Swakopmund. It weighs 14,100 kg!

Seal Colony

Cape Cross Seal Colony

Home to the largest breeding colony of seals on the planet, with up to 210,000 seals during peak times.

Quadbiker in the dunes

Quadbike Tours in the Dunes

Enjoy the great views of the dunescapes and ocean while speeding up and down the slopes.

Camelride in the dunes

Camel rides

Escape the bustling town of Swakopmund for a unique outing on a camel.